You are between 18 and 40 years , you're pretty enough and well proportioned ... ? Posing nude does not bother you and you would like to nominate yourself ? Why not ... Know that you can be your opportunity and we are not necessarily looking for models profiles but pretty young women natural and comfortable in their skin.
Depending on your abilities and your desires you can ask in the following categories : Artistic Nude , naked more or less explicitly erotic , erotic nude with face hidden (see example photos)

What we offer:

We suggest you ask as a model for various artistic quality photos and collect a substantial compensation projects based on the use of your image.


It is guaranteed by contract, and can be either " fixed " or represent a percentage ( 15% to 30 % in some cases) on sales of works made from your photos . Personalized space management , protected by password, allows you to track your earnings each month .

Note that some pictures being sold to sizeable price, percentage payout can be well than random , very advantageous. Example: a canvas made ​​from one of your photos and sold 1500 euros , will earn 450 euros for this single sale, then a 2 hour photo session with hundreds of photographs will be paid only between 100 and 250 euros depending on your experience.

Support your expenses and payment of a guaranteed minimum

Once your application is finally selected after a test shooting day , our collaboration will be a written contract. We will then take care of your travel expenses in any future collaboration and providing you with a guaranteed minimum for each photo shoot .

The ideal profile to be retained:

- Being pretty nice, natural and comfortable in his skin.
- Do not ask for only greed or necessity
- Take some pleasure to seduce and show her body
- Have excellent interpersonal skills
- Be fully independent and take
- Have availability and accept the move.
- Have you already naked photographs (even amateur)

Submit your resume

The project tempts you and you would like to nominate yourself ? Fill out our form (need to speak french) , which will take you less than 1 minute!