We offers to earn money by putting a simple link on your pages to promote our works

How does it work ?

Passing on your site, a cookie is set for 1 month on the computer of your visitor. If it buys one of our works , you will receive 10% of the order amount to 3% lifetime control of your downline. Your referrals are the people who have registered (s) to the program after clicking on one of your links or banners.


A visitor buys a work after a passage on your links , you receive € 1,490 x 25 % = € 372.50 uros . If this is one of your referrals who is responsible for the purchase , you receive : € 1,490 x10 % = € 149.00 uros

Why is this revolutionary program?

- Because you have real-time statistics of clicks on your links and sales (you can check the operation at any time by any transparency)

- Because it pays you multiple levels and allows you to monitor in real time the number of your referrals and communicate with them.

- Because you have different tools ready to be used ( text links , banners , email) that will allow you to put your links in place in seconds . These links will persist over time and you may be pleasantly surprised to have seen gains in the morning when you wake up or return from the beach!

- Because whatever banner you use or service you are promoting, you touch on all other services.

- Because there is no minimum amount of time or to be paid ( e) ... We pay you your winnings within 24 fortunes on request from you !

Gagnez de l'argent même en dormant !

With Riviera Art Photo you can make money with your book even while you tan on the beach! 

How to participate?

Just visit this page and register by filling out the form you find on this page.

1 If you have a website, book or other online blog:

Retrieve the corresponding visual you want and you will find in your space management in the "Tools" tab code and insert it in the html code of your page.

2 If you have a facebook:

Use for the desired visual link (just use the link and not the complete code) and place it in your facebook pages